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Hello everyone let me start off by saying my name is Kaori...(or it has been for so many years that it is practically truth.)

I'm a 5'2",20 year old girl into anime, manga,drawing,designing,dancing,raving, cosplay,sewing and many other things.

I'm into the lolita fashion for my base of operations I use this tumblr:

I have many ships, I have so many I guess I command a fleet.

I like to think I'm a happy friendly person but I don't take bullying or rude behavior lightly.

I love to meet new people and am always looking for friends or conversation with people who share common interest.

4 books from the series Maximum Ride. I had started this series years and years ago but I’m not interested in it anymore and they’re just collecting dust.

The first book is pretty worn and it’s a small paperback.

The other three are all hard cover and the sleeves are each a little damaged from storage but the pages and hard covers on the books are perfect.

If you want’ em take em’. Or a book swap can be in order~

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